Datanauts: AR Scavenger Hunt

Chx welch datanauts backdrop

The cast of characters, designed based on the Microsoft Data Insight Product that they respresent. From left to right: Captain Martinez (Power BI), Appletta (PowerApps), Flox (Microsoft Flow), and Xander Cells (Microsoft Excel).

Chx welch databyters

Databyters: Small characters the users hunt throughout the convention. Each one has a narrative element about the product or service when the data is "captured and processed" with the AR Application.

Chx welch aidthedatanauts

Users are rewarded with an augmented reality vignette that gives them narrative content and product information in the scavenger hunt app. Gamification and achievements are utilized to increase participation.

Chx welch characterposter powerbi

Character Poster for Captain Sandina Martinez (Microsoft PowerBI)

Chx welch characterposter powerapps

Character Poster for Appletta Patel (Microsoft PowerApps)

Chx welch characterposter flow

Character Poster for Flox (Microsoft Flow)

Chx welch characterposter excel

Character Poster for Xander Cells (Microsoft Excel)

Chx welch datanauts spaceship bastion

The MSSS Bastion: The user is rewarded at the end of the scavenger hunt with an epic augmented reality launch of The Bastion.

For the Data Insights Conference, Microsoft Sponsors wanted to create an augmented reality scavenger hunt experience for their conference attendees that told a story, and communicated the narrative of their data product suite in a fun and interesting way.

We decided to design the narrative with a science fiction theme, featuring a spaceship and her crew. We took inspiration from works of science fiction such as Star Trek: Voyager, for the focus on exploration and information, and Firefly, for its rag-tag crew of misfits that form a mismatched family. Each of the crew members was based on one of the core BI applications.

The users of the AR Scavenger Hunt app would scour the convention center and vendor booths for AR hot-spots, such as posters and character images, and aid the Datanauts in capturing and processing wild Databyters, learning about the products and services of the Microsoft applications, such as Power BI, Microsoft Flow, and others.